Program Committee

The Program Committee consists of two ad hoc groups that are composed each year. One is charged with developing Division 22's program for the annual APA Convention. The other represents the Division in developing the content of the Rehabilitation Psychology Mid-Winter Conference, held annually in February in collaboration with the American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology
For the annual APA Convention, the Division President chooses the theme of the Division 22 program and the Program Committee Chair. The Chair works closely with APA Board of Convention Affairs (BCA) and other APA Division program chairs to coordinate with the larger APA Convention program. 
For the annual Rehabilitation Psychology Mid-Winter Conference, the Committee invites plenary speakers and other invited speakers, issues a call for peer-reviewed presentations/posters, and coordinates continuing education credits. 
Although both Committees are ad hoc groups with membership that changes every year, continuity is encouraged by having each Program Chair choose a Chair-Elect who assists the Chair in a given year and then leads the corresponding Program Committee the following year. 

How to Join

Members of Division 22 are welcome to contact the current chairs or chairs-elect to express an interest in helping on a Program Committee.


Dr. Valerie Ellois
Rusk Rehabilitation, NYU Langone Health


Dr. Evan Smith, PhD
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Michigan

2019 Mid-Winter Conference Program Committee

Ann Marie Warren | Joseph Rath | Reshma Naidoo | Jan Tackett | Michelle Meade | Terrie Price | Madison MacKenzie | Valerie Ellois | Jacqueline Kaufman | Gina Signoracci | Abigail Hardin | Mana Ali | Danielle Shapiro | Jake Bentley | Mia Bergman | Amanda Childs | Rebecca Kulzer | Carol Rosen | Abbey Hughes | Barry Nierenberg | Jennifer Jutte | Elisabeth Nickels | Ferzeen Patel | Kier Bison | Katie Wright |Catherine Wilson