Current and Past Accolades

Dr. Jackie Bhattarai (October 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Jackie Bhattarai, from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Jackie Bhattarai, a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Department of PM&R, was recently awarded a 5-year K23 from National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities entitled “Racial Disparities in Multiple Sclerosis: Quality of Care and Patient Experiences.” Dr. Bhattarai will now transition to faculty position at Johns Hopkins.

Drs. Erin Andrews and Jacqueline Kaufman (Septemeber 2019)

Congratulations to Drs. Erin Andrews and Jacqueline Kaufman, the new Fellows of Division 22! They receive this honor for their unusual and outstanding contributions and performance in rehabilitation psychology at a national/global level

Dr. Terrie Price (Septemeber 2019)

Dr. Terry Price

Congratulations to Dr. Terrie Price, Director Developmental and Behavioral Health at Ability Kansas City. She was recent awarded the James J. Peters Distinguished Service Award from the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals. This award honors individuals who: demonstrate outstanding contributions to SCI/D care, contribute significantly to national activities related to SCI/D health care, contribute significantly to the growth and function of the academy, demonstrate dedication in achieving excellence in health care of persons with SCI/D, and demonstrate exceptional accomplishments in the area of SCI/D care.

Dr. Megan Hosey (September 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Megan Hosey, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She earned an NIH Loan Repayment Program Award through the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute for her research in anxiety management in patients with acute respiratory failure.

Dr. Meghan Beier (September 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Meghan Beier, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She was recently featured in People Magazine for her work in Multiple Sclerosis alongside actress Selma Blair.

Dr. Marcia Scherer (September 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Marcia Scherer, President of the Institute for Matching Person and Technology, and founding editor of the journal, Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. During the opening ceremony in Bologna, Italy on August 28th at the bienniel conference of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) Dr. Scherer received the highest award. She was presented with the Diamond Award to Div. 22.

The 2019 AAATE Diamond Award went for the first time to a non-European Union Member. Through her work for the Institute for Matching Person and Technology, her long list of academic publications and practice-oriented books and her active presence at the international AT arena, Dr. Scherer has had, and still has, an indelible and important influence on every AT professional’s work. With her lifelong work she has directly and indirectly impacted the lives of many thousands of persons with disabilities worldwide. She is an example for many professionals in this field.

The Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) is the interdisciplinary pan-European association devoted to all aspects of assistive technology, such as use, research, development, manufacture, supply, provision, and policy. The AAATE’s mission is “to stimulate the advancement of assistive technology for the benefit of people with disabilities, including elderly people” and members from all over Europe and throughout the world are already taking part in AAATE’s activities.

The conference organizers are happy to collaborate with media professionals for an extensive coverage of the conference:

Ted Allaire (July 2019)

Congratulations to Ted Allaire, doctoral candidate from Eastern Michigan University. Ted received a grant that will be used to fund research on the relationship between returning to work after a spinal cord injury and psychosocial functioning during acute rehabilitation, “Social Security Administration (SSA) analyzing relationships between disability, rehabilitation, and work grant.” The study will be performed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Jaclyn Klepper (May 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Jaclyn Klepper who was invited to present her research on headache pain management in NIDILRR's Young Investigators Symposium at the upcoming meeting of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Klepper is a member of Division 22's Education and Training Committee and a postdoctoral fellow in the Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training (ARRT) program at NYU-Rusk.

Dr. Charles Callahan (May 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Charles Callahan who was awarded the U.S. Executives Year-long Baldrige Fellowship. As Baldrige Executive Fellows, these individuals explored all aspects of leadership through the lens of the Baldrige Excellence Framework, the world’s gold standard for performance excellence. Callahan served as APA Division 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) President in 2008-2009, and on its Executive Committee from 2004-2010. In addition, he served on the Editorial Board of the journal Rehabilitation Psychology from 1998-2008.

Dr. Julie Williams and Dr. Steven Kniffley (May 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Julie Williams and Dr. Steven Kniffley on their beautiful and powerful Ted Talk at TedxDayton “Meet in the Middle” ( where two people from wildly different backgrounds challenge each other--and you--to examine biases, to share personal traumas and triumphs, and to take responsibility. Dr. Williams is a professor in the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University and Dr. Kniffley is an assistant professor at Wright State University in the School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Barry Nierenberg (May 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Barry Nierenberg on his insightful Ted Talk “Mastering Suffering” ( Sages have said while we are alive pain and suffering are inevitable. Looking around though some handle it skillfully and some unskillfully. This leads us to question how to live with suffering when human limitations lead us to be unskillful? This talk explores some ways people are successful and how to apply these learnings to our own lives. Barry Nierenberg, PhD, ABPP, has been working at the interface of psychology and medicine for the past 40 years, specializing in people living with physical trauma and chronic illnesses. He is a Professor of Psychology and has academic appointments within Nova’s Osteopathic and Allopathic Medical Schools.

Dr. Sunil Sen-Gupta Travel Award Winners (March 2019)

Congratulations to the following students who received the Dr. Sunil Sen-Gupta Travel Award at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference: Richard Henry, Ted Allaire, Danielle Cobb, Jamie L. Tingey, Whitney Morean, and Julia Andrade.

Arjun Bhalla et al. (March 2019)

Congratulations to Arjun Bhalla et al. for being the Section 2 Women’s Issues in Rehabilitation Psychology Winner for his work titled “Do female partners accommodate more to male service members’ PTSD symptoms when the service member has endured a combat-related TBI?” at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Carolyn Mueller (March 2019)

Congratulations to Carolyn Mueller for being the Section 1 Pediatric Psychology Winner for her work titled “Cognitive Assistive Technology Use among People with Multiple Sclerosis: Descriptive study” at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Jenna Ausloos (March 2019)

Congratulations to Jenna Ausloos for receiving the FRP Poster Award ($200) for their poster titled “Cognitive Assistive Technology Use among People with Multiple Sclerosis: Descriptive study” at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Quyen Vu Alexander Nichols (March 2019)

Congratulations to Quyen Vu Alexander Nichols for receiving the FRP Poster Award ($200) for their poster titled “Executive functioning, problem solving capabilities, and adjustment in Colombian adults one year post-TBI: Assessing a proposed multiple mediation model” at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Annahir Cariello (March 2019)

Congratulations to Annahir Cariello for receiving the FRP Poster Award ($200) for their poster titled “Influence of social support on the relationship between stigma and mental health in individuals with burn injury” at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Jaime Tingey (March 2019)

Congratulations to Jaime Tingey for receiving the FRP Oral Poster Award ($400) for their poster titled “Intolerance of Uncertainty Predicts Self-Efficacy Trajectories in Newly Diagnosed Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis” at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Dr. Jan Neimeier (March 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Jan Neimeier for receiving the Diller Award Lecture at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Dr. Jeanne M. Hoffman (March 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Jeanne M. Hoffman for receiving the Rosenthal Award Lecture at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Dr. Dawn Ehde (February 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Dawn Ehde. She received the Roger G. Baker Distinguished Research Contribution Award at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Dr. Stephen Wegener (February 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Wegener. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Dr. Teresa Ashman (February 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Teresa Ashman. She received the Lifetime Practice Excellence Award at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Dr. Rhonda Williams (February 2019)

Congratulations to Dr. Rhonda Williams. She received the Division 22 Mentoring Award at the Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology Conference.

Drs. Kimberly Monden, Asma Ali, and Jason Nupp (January 2019)

Congratulations to Drs. Kimberly Monden, Asma Ali, and Jason Nupp at Craig Hospital. They won a 2-year grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation: Biofeedback treatment of anxiety associated with chronic spinal cord injury.

Dr. Erin Andrews (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Andrews. Dr. Andrews has been selected to receive an APA Citizen Psychologist Presidential Citation from APA President, Dr. Jessica Henderson Daniel. Dr. Andrews is being recognized internationally for her work in creating the Disabled Parenting Project (DPP) which provides online education and support by and for parents (and prospective parents) with disabilities.

This recognition was received in August by Alan Goldberg and is one component of Dr. Daniel’s American Psychological Association (APA) Citizen Psychologist President initiative to recognize APA member psychologists who are recognized as exceptional in:

  • Serving as a leader in one's identified community.
  • Contributing to improving the lives of all through continued engagement in significant activities such as public service, volunteerism, board membership, and other strategic roles beyond the day-to-day work of one's career.
  • Bringing psychological science and expertise to bear on existing challenges to improve community well-being locally, nationally, and/or globally.

Dr. Meghan Beier (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Meghan Beier, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine. She has a recent publication in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal by Drs. Roz Kalb, Meghan Beier, John DeLuca, and other leaders in the field of MS rehabilitation. This publication features several Division 22 members, and is an important contribution in the premier journal for MS.

Check out the article, "Recommendations for cognitive screening and management in multiple sclerosis care," by Rosalind Kalb, Meghan Beier, Ralph HB Benedict, Leigh Charvet, Kathleen Costello, Anthony Feinstein, Jeffrey Gingold, Yael Goverover, June Halper, Colleen Harris, Lori Kostich, Lauren Krupp, Ellen Lathi, Nicholas LaRocca, Ben Thrower, & John DeLuca at

Dr. Jacqueline Kaufman (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Jacqueline Kaufman, Associate Professor at University of Michigan. She received the Inspire Award through the Center for the Education of Women.

Dr. Erin Andrews (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Andrews, Clinical Associate Professor at Dell Medical School UT Austin. She has been selected to receive an APA Citizen Psychologist Presidential Citation from APA President, Jessica Henderson Daniel. Dr. Andrewes is being recognized internationally for her work in creating the Disabled Parenting Project (DPP) which provides online education and support by and for parents (and prospective parents) with disabilities.

Dr. Abbey Hughes (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Abbey Hughes, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She won a grant from the National MS Society: Reducing Emotional Distress in People with MS and Their Carepartners. This is in addition to her ongoing NIH K23 Project.

Dr. Nicole Schechter (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Nicole Schechter, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University. She gave birth to a baby girl, Corrine Belle Goldstein, and has returned to her work in Patient Engagement Training (PET) for Medical Providers at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Steve Wegener (October 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Steve Wegener, Professor at Johns Hopkins University. He won “Living the Hopkins Mission” honoree status at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Tiffanie Sim Wong (September 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Tiffanie Sim Wong for receiving the Division 18 VA section for Outstanding Clinician on August 9, 2018. This award is for given to an individual for whom direct service is a significant portion of his/her assignment. Examples of clinical endeavors that would support selection include exceptional application of evidence-based treatments, modeling clinical excellence, and dissemination of psychological treatments. Although the committee seeks "unsung heroes" that have been providing the highest standards of direct clinical service, evidence of broader influence may be considered by the committee.

Dr. Alan L. Goldberg (September 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Alan L. Goldberg who is recognized with the APA Citizen Psychologist Presidential Citation for his sustained advocacy in advancing psychology as a STEM science at the state and national level.

For 25 years, Dr. Goldberg has been a volunteer judge for the Southern Arizona Research, Science & Engineering Foundation (SARSEF), a non-profit organization that runs one of the largest science fairs in the country for students from kindergarten through high school. He also served on the Board of Directors of SARSEF for six years. The CEO of the Foundation stated, “He is a stalwart in recognizing the behavioral sciences as an important venue in science education, especially when the majority of projects are in the "hard" sciences and engineering. He has been an instrumental player on our board in enriching participation of young women, and underserved kids from Title 1 schools.” This year one of the SARSEF Behavioral Science winners won an all-expense paid trip to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). While there, she won a $40,000 college scholarship and had an article published about her project in Science News.

Dr. Goldberg’s engagement of the psychological community in the science fair by garnering support, judges, and prizes from local and regional psychological associations, university departments, and the like, is a demonstration of the energy and creativity that he brings to his work. In their letter of recommendation, the Board President, Deputy Director, and Director of Programs of SARSEF described Dr. Goldberg as “your best representative of service to the community,” stating that his impact in his role with SARSEF is far-reaching and long-lasting. Dr. Goldberg actively volunteers to represent the Foundation at community events such as school board meetings, Girl Scout Women in Science Day, and the Tucson Festival of Books, among others. Dr. Goldberg was also credited for using his behavioral science expertise on the Board of Directors at a time when SARSEF was reorganizing and growing, helping to build consensus and focus the board on the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.

Dr. Robert Glueckauf (August 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Glueckauf and the African-American Alzheimer's Caregiver Training and Support Project 2 (ACTS 2) team members who received the national Family Caregiver Alliance’s National Center on Caregiving and The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation award in the multicultural category for advances in intervention for underserved populations of care partners of older adults with dementia. The award was conferred March 27 2018. Check it out at:

Dr. Timothy Elliot (July 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Timothy R. Elliott, Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education & Human Development who was one of five faculty members named as a University Distinguished Professor this year. This is one of the highest faculty honors at Texas A&M University. The designation identifies faculty members who are preeminent in their fields, who have made at least one seminal contribution to their discipline, and whose work is central in any narrative of the field and is widely recognized to have changed the direction of scholarship in the field. Dr. Elliott was recognized for his contributions to the advancement of rehabilitation psychology and his training innovations in the field of telehealth. Because of his research and innovative vision for training students, the counseling psychology doctoral program at Texas A&M is the only accredited U.S. program that staffs and manages a telepsychology clinic that provides training and clinical services. Check it out at:

Dr. Chelsea Schoen (June 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Chelsea Schoen who was selected to participate as a NIDILRR Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training (ARRT) Fellow in the Young Investigators Symposium for the 2018 American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine meeting, Progress in Rehabilitation Research. The conference will be held September 30, 2018 to October 3, 2018, in Dallas, TX. She will be presenting her research on Subjective and Objective Fall-Related Factors in Older Adults. Dr. Schoen is one of only four ARRT Fellows selected nationwide.

Dr. Marcia Scherer (April 2018)

Congratulations to Dr. Marcia Scherer who was a co-convener of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Research, Innovation, and Education in Assistive Technology (GREAT) Summit, held in August 2017. The Summit brought together 190 top global researchers, innovators, and educators who are carrying out research or offering training programs related to assistive technology policy, products, personnel, provision, and use. The GREAT Summit report can be accessed and downloaded here:;jsessionid=E0D0D11EBC3E0944E3CB36A1D574E552?sequence=1

Dr. Stephen Wegener (December 2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Wegener who won the 2017 Donlin M. Long Award. This is a prestigious award given annually to those who have served the Johns Hopkins community in advancing the standards of pain care, and embodied the institution’s dedication to alleviate suffering and pain associated with illness.

Check it out at:

Dr. Hilary Bertisch (November 2017)

As part of the ACRM podcast series for November, 2017, Dr. Hilary Bertisch was interviewed about firearm-related brain injuries, based on her recent manuscript entitled “Characteristics of Firearm Brain Injury Survivors in the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems (TBIMS) National Database: A Comparison of Assault and Self-Inflicted Injury Survivors.”

Here’s the link:

Dr. Dana Dunn (October 2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Dana Dunn who recently published “How a Classic Exercise Helps Students Understand Disability” in the Chronicle of Higher Education (September 17, 2017). Additionally, on 10/13/17, he will be presenting a webinar on “Rehabilitation Psychology and the Foundational Principles.”

Dr. Kimberly Monden (October 2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Kimberly Monden and her colleagues at Craig Hospital (Dr. Susan Chalifue and Jennifer Coker, MPH) who were awarded a $2.4 million grant from NIDILRR through the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) mechanism for the project "ReInventing Yourself after Spinal Cord Injury: A Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention to Improve Outcomes after Spinal Cord Injury.” This project is a multi-site collaboration with the Kessler Foundation (Dr. Amanda Botticello Dr. Lauren Strober) and the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Dr. Denise Tate & Martin Forchheimer, MPP).

Dr. Robert Karol (October 2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Rober Karol who was awarded the Cifu Lecture Award for “Distinguished Contributions to the Field of Brain Injury.”

Dr. Jeanne Hoffman (September 2017)

Congratulations to Dr. Jeanne Hoffman who was awarded a $12.7 million grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to improve post-acute care for patients with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Dr. Timothy Elliott (July 2017)

Dr. Timothy Elliott is the Training Director for the Texas A&M University Counseling Psychology doctoral program, which is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Elliott’s home department at Texas A&M University awarded him with the Outstanding Service Award for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Additionally, he was one of six recipients of the Association of Former Students Distinguished Research Achievement Awards. The award was conferred by Texas A&M University on April 1, 2017. This award is presented to faculty who exhibit the highest standards of excellence at Texas A&M University. Check it out at:

This past spring, Auburn University College of Education also presented Dr. Elliott with their Outstanding Educator Alumni Award. Dr. Elliott received his master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Auburn University College in 1981. This award recognizes a graduate of the college who is a practitioner directly engaged with students, teachers, counselors, or librarians and can be from a school, university, agency, or community setting. Additional information about the ceremony and Dr. Elliott’s experiences at Auburn and the mentoring he received is provided below. Check it out at:

Dr. Robert Karol (July 2017)

Dr. Robert Karol is President of Karol Neuropsychological Services & Consulting. Dr. Karol has been elected to the United States Brain Injury Alliance Board of Directors (USBIA).The USBIA Mission engages the community in preventing brain injuries and improving lives. There are currently 16 Chartered State Affiliates.

He was also elected as Vice Chair of the Minnesota Department of Human Services Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee (TBI AC). Its purpose is to provide recommendations to the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services on program development and service needs of persons with traumatic brain injury. Dr. Karol is the longest serving member of the Committee, having been on it since its inception more than 25 years ago.

Dr. Karol has also been elected to the Minnesota Academy of Medicine (MAM). Dating back to 1887, the MAM is organized for the promotion of educational, scientific, medical and surgical thought, for the exchange of scientific ideas, and for the association of physicians, medical scientists, and allied scholars on the basis of good fellowship and professional ability.