Presentations from the Early Career Psychologist Special Interest Group

The Early Career Psychologist Special Interest Group (ECP SIG) has produced a series of webinars focused on professional development skills for emerging Rehabilitation Psychology leaders.

Spring 2019

“Navigating the supervision process as an advanced trainee or ECP within Rehabilitation Psychology and Counseling”

Part I

Part II

Speaker: Gloria K. Lee, PhD
Associate Professor, Michigan State University
Slides from Part I of the presentation
Slides from Part II of the presentation

This two-part webinar series will provide trainees, ECPs, and psychologists at every career stage a broad overview of theory and practice of clinical supervision. In Part I, Dr. Lee reviews the various roles and types of supervision, supervision models, and key ingredients of successful supervision.  In Part II, she delves deep into a supervision case study, the supervisory relationship, evaluation, and tips/resources that ECP will find very useful!

Note: This video for Part II only contains the scenarios and discussion.

Presentations from the Student Leadership Network

The Student Leadership Network has produced a series of webinars regarding professional and personal development for Rehabilitation Psychology trainees. Additionally, presentations from campus chapter events on important topics in Rehabilitation Psychology have been made available with the speakers' permission.

While these presentations were originally directed towards trainees, Psychologists at all career stages may find them beneficial.

Spring 2018

"Get it on tonight: Talking with patients with disabilities about sexuality"

Speakers: Angela Kuemmel, PhD; Brian Letourneau
Campus chapter: Nova Southeastern University

The presentation explored issues related to sexuality experienced by individuals with disabilities, as well as how psychologists can address these issues with their patients.

Summer 2017

"Clinical Practice with Individuals with Disabilities: A Disability Culture Perspective"

Speaker: Megan Carlos, PhD
Campus chapter: American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University San Francisco
Slides from the presentation

The presentation explored different aspects of disability and different challenges that individuals with disability face, with a focus on how these factors influence the therapeutic relationship.

Fall 2015

"Self-Care and Work-Life Balance in Rehabilitation Psychology"

Panel of speakers for this webinar: 

  • Rhonda Williams, PhD, VA Puget Sound Health Care System

  • Anna Kratz, PhD, University of Michigan

  • Bradley Daniels, PhD, Orlando Health Rehabilitation Institute

Drs. Williams, Kratz, and Daniels provided important insights for trainees on managing work-life balance and finding time for self-care throughout the career span. Our speakers are rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists with experience working in a variety of health care settings, including academic medical centers, VA medical centers, and group practice. The webinar including a question and answer session. 

Spring 2015

"Planning Your Education and Training in Rehabilitation Psychology: A Guide for Graduate Students."

Slides from the webinar

Slides from the webinar

Key speakers:

  • Meredith Williamson, PhD

  • William Stiers, PhD

  • Philip Uy, PhD

The focus of the presentation and discussion was how to plan and prepare for a career in Rehabilitation Psychology by providing information for each step in the journey from graduate school through landing your first job.