• Advocacy Committee
    This ad hoc Committee was recently created. More information is coming soon.

  • Awards Committee
    The Awards Committee recognizes the accomplishments of our colleagues by honoring them with various awards.

  • Communications Committee
    The Communications Committee is responsible for facilitating and enhancing communication efforts within and outside the Division 22 membership.

  • Continuing Education Committee
    The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for approving continuing education activities and providing continuing education credits.

  • Disability Identity Committee
    The purpose of this committee is to foster the spirit of disability community and sense of pride within Division 22, and to include the experience of disability in clinical practice, training, and research in the profession of Rehabilitation Psychology.

  • Diversity Committee
    The Diversity Committee seeks to encourage research and training on culture, class, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other dimensions of diversity as they relate to Rehabilitation Psychology.

  • Education and Training Committee
    The Education and Training Committee serves to integrate and provide information on training opportunities in Rehabilitation Psychology at the doctoral, internship, and fellowship levels.

  • Fellows Committee
    The Fellows Committee is charged with vetting and recommending appropriate individuals to become Fellows of the American Psychological Association.

  • International Committee
    The International Committee functions to address rehabilitation psychology issues as they apply to Rehabilitation Psychology as a field of study and as a profession throughout the world.

  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee is responsible for addressing issues relevant to Division 22 members and ensuring the long-term stability of the membership.

  • Mentorship Committee
    The Mentorship Committee forms and manages an organized network of professional Rehabilitation Psychology mentors and mentees across the career lifespan.

  • Practice Committee
    The Practice Committee reviews and disseminates practice-related materials and information to facilitate clinical activities designed to help people with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

  • Program Committee
    The Program Committee consists of two ad hoc groups each year. One develops Division 22's program for the APA Annual Convention and the other develops the content of the Rehabilitation Psychology Mid-Winter Conference.

  • Science Committee
    The Science Committee promotes all aspects of Rehabilitation Psychology as a science.

  • Student Leadership Network
    The Student Leadership Network is an organization for students who are currently training or who have an interest in future training in Rehabilitation Psychology.