Student Leadership Network

The mission of the Student Leadership Network (SLN) is to bring together trainees in Rehabilitation Psychology to share ideas, promote the goals of Division 22, and encourage leadership among trainee members in Division 22.


  • The SLN is an organization for students who are currently training or who have an interest in future training in Rehabilitation Psychology.

  • The SLN is comprised of national and international Campus Chapters to promote the goals and objectives of Division 22. Each Campus Chapter led by a Chapter Student Chair and Chapter Faculty Sponsor.

  • The SLN serves to coordinate communication between trainees and Division 22, the professional home of rehabilitation psychologists.


  • To establish a network of Campus Chapters that collaborates and works closely with the SLN Committee to enhance Division membership and expand opportunities for training in Rehabilitation Psychology among psychology trainees.

  • Serve as a resource and advocate for trainee representation within Division 22 organization and activities.

  • Advocate and promote financial awards/discounts to support trainee attendance at the Division 22 Mid-Winter Conference and APA Conventions.

  • Host in-person and online presentations, workshops, seminars, and other events to promote the goals and mission of Division 22.


  • Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Samantha DeDios-Stern

    • Faculty Sponsor: Eun-Jeong Lee, PhD

  • University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Christina DiBlasio

    • Faculty Sponsor: Casey Azuero, PhD

  • University of Denver (DU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Jerrold Yeo

    • Faculty Sponsor: Kim A. Gorgens, PhD, ABPP

  • Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Sophia Serpa

    • Faculty Sponsor: Barry Nierenberg, PhD

  • Gallaudet University (GU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Joanna Dziura

    • Faculty Sponsor: Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi, PhD

  • New York University (NYU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Saba Chowdhry

    • Faculty Sponsor: Gerald Voelbel, PhD

  • Fielding Graduate University (FGU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Tiffany Duffing

    • Faculty Sponsor: Daniel Holland, PhD, ABPP

  • Drexel University (DU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Kayci Vickers

    • Faculty Sponsor: Maria Schultheis

  • American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy San Francisco Bay Area (AU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Cassie Ross

    • Faculty Sponsor: Megan Carlos

  • Roosevelt University (RU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Kathryn Harris

    • Faculty Sponsor: Steven Kvaal

  • Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology of Yeshiva University (YU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Jaclyn Klepper

    • Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Seng

  • Seattle Pacific University (SPU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Rebecca Franklin

    • Faculty Sponsor: Jacob Bentley, PhD, ABPP

  • John F. Kennedy University (JFKU)

    • Campus Chapter Chair: Jamie A. Cisar

    • Faculty Sponsor: Alette Coble-Temple, PsyD


  • Are you interested in becoming a Campus Chapter Chair for your institution? Consider starting a campus chapter today!

  • Eligibility: You will need to be an active trainee member of Division 22 and enrolled in a graduate psychology training program. You will also need to identify a faculty sponsor (also a Division 22 member) at your institution, with whom you will collaborate to promote the mission and goals of Division 22. To maintain active status, you should have a minimum of two members in your chapter at any given time. You will be asked to provide a yearly summary of your chapter’s activities to the Division 22 Student Representative.

  • To get started, first review the SLN Handbook.

  • Next, complete an SLN Campus Chapter Application form and submit to the Division 22 Student Representative. Your application will be reviewed by the SLN committee.

  • Once your application is approved, you may begin your campus chapter activities!


SLN activities are overseen by the SLN Committee. Members of the SLN Committee include: