Practice Committee

The Practice Committee promotes the clinical practice of Rehabilitation Psychology. The Committee obtains, reviews, and disseminates practice-related materials and information to facilitate clinical activities designed to help people with disabilities and chronic health conditions to maximize their health, independence, function, and social participation. The following specific activities are performed:

  • Serve as the Division's liaison to the APA Board of Professional Affairs (BPA), the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP), and the Practice Directorate (via a Federal Advocacy Coordinator).

  • Identify information relevant to the practice of Rehabilitation Psychology from various publications and other resources for dissemination to Division members, other colleagues, and the public.

  • Stay abreast of public policies regarding the provision and quality of client services.

  • Disseminate information relevant to the clinical practice of Rehabilitation Psychology via listservs and other formal and informal venues.

  • Present and/or advocate for standards of practice regarding persons with disabilities and their needs.

  • Provide consultation on clinical practice matters.

  • Identify outstanding practitioners and offer recommendations for the Divison 22 Lifetime Practice Excellence Award to the Executive Board.

  • Prepare analytical descriptions of (a) people with disabilities being served and their needs, (b) psychological services provided, and (c) therapeutic models and diagnostic instruments and procedures currently in use, when needed.

  • Assume other responsibilities to further the clinical activities of psychologists providing rehabilitative services, as requested by the Executive Board.


Mark Barisa