Mentorship Committee

Established in 2014, the purpose of the Division 22 Mentorship Committee is to form and manage an organized network of Rehabilitation Psychology mentors across the career lifespan and to mentor identified mentees in career development and professional growth. Providing mentorship opportunities serves to promote the mission and objectives of the Division, as well as to respond to the need from mentees across the lifespan for enriched training, networking, and professional development opportunities in the field of Rehabilitation Psychology. Built on collaboration and commitment to the professional development of both participants, strong mentoring relationships provide opportunities for both parties to learn from each other through the development of a caring and respectful professional partnership.

We aim to embody the “Centering on Mentoring” recommendations put forth by APA and to incorporate the Introduction to Mentoring: A Guide for Mentors and Mentees APA guidelines into the specialty-specific roles of Rehabilitation Psychologists, students, and trainees. The Committee also is responsible for overseeing the implementation, review, and revisions of the Mentorship Committee Manual for Rehabilitation Psychology. The objectives of the Committee are to:

  1. Promote the exchange of knowledge and information among Division 22 mentors and mentees through a specialized professional mentorship relationship.

  2. Identify qualified mentors within the Division who are willing and able to provide professional mentorship, collaboration, and guidance for professional growth to an identified mentee.

  3. Identify mentees with interest in Division 22 who are seeking professional mentorship from a qualified mentor to address professional career goals and interests.

  4. Provide guidance and structure for mentors and mentees outlining recommendations and guidelines for successful mentorship interactions

  5. Develop a mentorship program that is sustainable and will continue to fuel itself with future mentors and mentees across the career lifespan to expand the program for future members

  6. Identify Committee members to maintain tasks, ensure sustainability, and provide communication and feedback to the Division 22 Executive Committe.

  7. Increase mentorship, mentor/mentee participation, and visibility in Division 22 and in events sponsored by the Division.

  8. Assist mentors and mentees with problem solving related to the mentoring process, including further matching or re-matching, or professional issues related to the field of Rehabilitation Psychology.

Division members are encouraged to seek additional information and/or actively participate in Committee activities. We especially encourage participation of  student and early career members.

The membership committee is actively recruiting for a new incoming Chair. We are seeking self, mentor, and colleague nominations. Please submit the nomination form to to the current Chair listed below (scroll over name to see email address).

Mentorship Committee Chair Nomination Form

become a mentor or mentee

We strongly encourage everyone to apply both as a mentee and a mentor. All of us have something to share with those who are ahead of us or behind us in our career journeys. To become a mentor or mentee fill out the appropriate application below and email it to the current Chair listed below (scroll over name to see email address).

Mentor application

Mentee application

How to Join

Formal recruitment efforts occur two times per year (during the RP Mid-Winter Conference and again during the summer). However, mentors and mentees can apply for participation on a rolling basis. If a suitable mentor-mentee match can be made outside of the formal recruitment periods, a match will be made. Please feel free to reach out to any of our current committee members if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. 


Christina Derbidge, PhD


Sonya Kim, PhD


Bradley J. Daniels, PhD, ABPP