Disability Identity Committee


  • To foster the spirit of disability community and sense of pride within Division 22, and to include the experience of disability in clinical practice, training, and research in the profession of Rehabilitation Psychology.

  • To explore the impact of psychologists with disabilities on the treatment of people with disabilities and the effect of disability of the professional on the rehabilitation process.

  • To encourage psychologists and trainees with disabilities to enter the rehabilitation field and promote mentorship of psychology students and trainees with disabilities.

  • To recognize and promote unique contributions of psychologists with disabilities as providers of services, researchers, educators, and advocates.

Intended Activities

Available for consultation, presentations, workshops.


  • Identify and reach out to psychology students with disabilities for mentorship.

  • Promote and recruit of students with disabilities to Rehabilitation Psychology.

  • Support efforts to increase disability-relevant training endeavors, including disability as an aspect of human diversity, at all levels of professional experience.


  • Advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities as researchers.

  • Disseminate research pertinent to the disability of the provider.

  • Establish clinical research on the impact on rehabilitation of provider/patient disability to include bibliography of current literature.


  • Promote the social model of disability.

  • Improve disability/ally relations.

  • Encourage inclusion of disability as diversity variable.

  • Facilitate presentations/workshops around disability diversity issues.


  • Challenge and advocate for a broader inclusion of a greater spectrum of disability groups within the focus of Division 22.

  • Promote inclusion at the fullest level within Division 22, as a model of awareness of sensitivity to disability issues.

  • Recognize of the negative impact of exclusive behaviors toward people with disabilities.

  • Recognize history and progress made and positive changes.

  • Recruit members of Division 22 with disabilities and allies to the SIG.

How to Join

The committee is open to members of APA and Division 22 with disabilities as well as allies without disabilities. We hold a monthly conference call, an e-mail group, and meet at the Division 22 Mid-Winter Conference as well as the annual APA conference. For more information please contact Dr. Anjali J. Forber-Pratt.

Special thanks to Alan L. Goldberg, PsyD, JD, Linda R. Mona, PhD, Julie Williams, PsyD, and Robert L. Karol, PhD, for their assistance in the formation on this SIG, which was approved in January 2011 by the Division 22 Executive Committee.


Chair: Anjali J. Forber-Pratt, PhD
Vanderbilt University, Peabody College
Nashville, TN

Co-Vice Chair:  Carrie Pilarski, PhD  
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Co-Vice Chair:  Michael Dunn, PhD

Mountain View, CA


Jennifer Jutte, PhD