Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is concerned with addressing issues of diversity as they relate to Rehabilitation Psychology. To this end, the Committee seeks to encourage research and training on culture, class, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other dimensions of diversity as they relate to the experience of disability and chronic health conditions and the process of adjustment to these conditions. The Committee encourages and facilitates the adoption of clinical practices that permit effective service to diverse consumers and implements measures to attract diverse students and professionals to the field of Rehabilitation Psychology. Activities in which we are involved include:

  1. Communicate with leaders of funding agencies to emphasize the importance of supporting research on issues of diversity as they relate to prevention and treatment of disabilities and other chronic health conditions.

  2. Promote the presentation and publication of research on diversity in Division publications (e.g., Rehabilitation Psychology), meetings (e.g. APA Annual Convention, annual Mid-Winter Conference), and other venues (e.g., National Multicultural Conference and Summit).

  3. Solicit input from organizations representing rehabilitation consumers about their rehabilitation needs with respect to cultural diversity.

  4. Collaborate with bodies that set professional training and practice guidelines (e.g., American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology) to ensure that they promote the best clinical practices available with respect to treating diverse consumers.

  5. Advocate for the use and development of appropriate assessment instruments and norms for culturally diverse populations.

  6. Create a database of experts and a repository of materials on diversity issues as they relate to the experience of disability for the purpose of continuing education, training, and consultation.

  7. Promote the entry of diverse students and professionals into Rehabilitation Psychology by disseminating information about the field, including information about training opportunities, to culturally diverse audiences.

  8. Confer and recommend to the Executive Committee potential candidates for elected and appointed Division offices and potential members on Division publication editorial boards.

  9. Serve as Divisional liaison with the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI) and APA Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs and coordinate among sections and special interest groups such as psychologists with disabilities and other professional organizations that have an interest in diversity issues (e.g., Divisions 35, 40, 44, and 45).

How to Join

Please send an email indicating your interest to the Diversity Committee Chairperson, Dr. Jacob Chan.


Jacob Chan, PhD
Ball State University
Muncie, IN


Jennifer Sánchez, PhD
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA

committee Members

  • Eun-Jeong Lee, PhD

  • Juan Carlos Arango, PhD

  • Jacob Chan, PhD

  • Krystal L. Drake, PhD

  • Scott Fernelius, PhD

  • Sandra Fitzgerald, PhD

  • Phillip Keck, PhD

  • Sonya Kim, PhD

  • Claire Kubiesa, MA

  • Anthony Lequerica, PhD

  • Melody Mickens, MS

  • Preeti Sunderaraman, PhD

  • Connie Sung, PhD

  • Catherine Wilson, PsyD, ABPP