Critical Care


The purpose of the Rehabilitation Psychologists in Critical Care Special Interest Group is to provide a forum for the increasing number of psychologists who are providing care in intensive care units and acute care. Critical care is distinctly different from even the rehabilitation setting, is very specialized, involves very complex cases, and still has limited research, and many psychologists who work in critical care tend to do so in isolation. In addition, the long-term effects of ICU survivorship are well-established and include permanent cognitive deficits, PTSD, depression and decreased physical functioning. Therefore, the need for a specialty group arose and the ICU SIG was established in 2015.  


  • Serve as a platform to share information and discuss new literature. A group email has been established and a quarterly update of recent publications in ICU research is disseminated.
  • Facilitate consultation and support for psychologists who work in intensive care.
  • Promote the prevention and treatment of the long-term effects of ICU survivorship and contribute to policy making in this area.
  • Facilitate collaborative research and its dissemination.


Send an email to the Chair requesting to join. You will be put on the group email list.


Chair: Nancy Ciccolella, PsyD
Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA

Co-FounderNancy Merbitz, PhD
Stokes VA Medical Center
Cleveland, OH