Rehabilitation Technology

Mission, Purpose, and Vision

Mission Statement: The Rehabilitation Technology Special Interest Group (RT SIG) will promote access to, and the adoption of, rehabilitation technology for all people living with chronic illness and disability, through person-centered, community and end-user engagement, advocacy, research, education, knowledge translation, and clinical care.

Purpose: The RT SIG will forward this mission by creating a forum for members of Division 22 and other stakeholders interested in advancing rehabilitation technology to improve quality of life for individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

Vision: The RT SIG will promote:

• innovative and rigorous research to improve the rehabilitation technology development, use, and outcomes

• education and training in the development and use of rehabilitation technology

• justice associated with environmental, institutional, and social barriers diminishing the development of, use of, and access to rehabilitation technology


Check back soon for resources on research, assessment, and interventions relevant to well-being and positive psychology in rehabilitation contexts!

Get Involved

We welcome new members, as well as suggestions/requests about how we can serve our colleagues in Divisi


Chair: Stephen K. Trapp, PhD
University of Utah

Chair-Elect: Kristian Nitsch
Johns Hopkins University

Senior Adviser: Eun-Jeong Lee, Ph.D., CRC, LCPC
Illinois Institute of Technology

Members at Large: Mayra L. Sanchez Gonzalez (Johns Hopkins University) & Jennifer Tripp (John F. Kennedy University)