Get Behind Your Life Work with a Foundation for Rehabilitation Psychology (FRP) Legacy Gift!

  • Committed to improving rehabilitation outcomes for persons with disabilities? 

  • Spent your life doing so?

  • Want to see your efforts continued by the energetic emerging talent in our field, as well as nurture the next generation of needed research? 

  • There’s no better way to do this than a FRP Legacy Gift. Do it now!

Those of us who have benefited from a career in Rehabilitation Psychology should consider becoming a Legacy Donor to the Foundation for Rehabilitation Psychology. The Foundation provides a way to make a donation via a will or other bequest with the confidence that the support you provide will benefit the future of the discipline. Get behind your life work!

Let us know if you are ready to get behind your life work by contacting John Corrigan at


Following are Committed Legacy Gift Donors as of July 2019. Please consider Getting Behind Your Life’s Work as these individuals have done:

John Corrigan

Janet Farmer

Alan Goldberg

Allen Heinemann

Scott Richards

Dan Rohe

Stephen Wegener