How to join

To join CRPPTP, please download and complete the application and submit to Quinn Kellerman PhD.

Training directors FAQ

What are the benefits of being an CRPPTP member?

By becoming a member of CRPPTP, you will increase your program's visibility to potential applicants. You will have access to a wealth of knowledge from other members, via our members-only resource page (with a link on this website).  In addition, CRPPTP is in the process of creating a Members Handbook that provides guidelines and assistance on a variety of topics such as pursuing APA Accreditation, sample program manuals, and didactics developed by CRPPTP members.  Additionally, all CRPPTP member programs follow a competency-based curriculum designed to prepare residents for the ABPP/ABRP board certification process. Your program will have access to materials designed to accomplish this goal. Once you are an CRPPTP member, for access to the CRPPTP Members Handbook, please see the Members Only page.

Who can apply to CRPPTP?

Training directors of programs that offer postdoctoral training in Rehabilitation Psychology, which adhere to the Baltimore Conference guidelines for postdoctoral training.

Does the Training Director have to be Board Certified?  

No. For full membership, the training program must have at least one faculty member who is ABRP certified, although this need not be the training director, or the program must have a formal consultant relationship with an ABRP certified psychologist. Training programs without ABRP certified faculty or formal consultants may apply as affiliate members.

How much does it cost to apply?

Application for membership in CRPPTP is free.

What are the yearly dues to be an CRPPTP member?

The initial membership fee is $150, and annual renewals will be $100 (for both Members and Affiliate Members).  Funds will be used exclusively to promote rehabilitation psychology training including the development and dissemination of training materials.

How does one apply?

Please click here to access the CRPPTP application

Is there a time period for which a program needs to exist before applying for CRPPTP Membership?

CRPPTP does not require that training programs have a certain number of years or residents before the program can apply for CRPPTP membership. One of CRPPTP’s primary goals is to nurture the development of new programs.

How is the application reviewed for potential member programs?

Two CRPPTP Officers (excluding the Student Member) review all applications for membership, and determine whether the program meets all of the Baltimore Conference guidelines and is eligible for full membership, or meets some of the guidelines and is eligible for affiliate membership.  The two reviewers come to a consensus by discussion, and then present their unanimous recommendation to the CRPPTP Board for approval. If there are questions that need to be clarified, these are discussed by the reviewing Council Officers and the program Training Director in order to satisfy the Council Board. The ultimate goal is to promote high quality, consistency, and excellence in the education and training of Rehabilitation Psychologist practitioners. When the Council Board approves a training program for full or affiliate membership, the Chair will then issue a formal letter of acceptance to that program.