The Student Leadership Network has produced a series of webinars regarding professional and personal development for Rehabilitation Psychology trainees.

Fall 2015

"Self-Care and Work-Life Balance in Rehabilitation Psychology"

Panel of speakers for this webinar:

  • Rhonda Williams, PhD, ABRP, VA Puget Sound Health Care System
  • Anna Kratz, PhD, University of Michigan
  • Bradley Daniels, PhD, ABRP, Orlando Health Rehabilitation Institute

Drs. Williams, Kratz, and Daniels provided important insights for trainees on managing work-life balance and finding time for self-care throughout the career span. Our speakers are rehabilitation psychologists and neuropsychologists with experience working in a variety of health care settings, including academic medical centers, VA medical centers, and group practice. The webinar including a question and answer session.

Spring 2015

"Planning Your Education and Training in Rehabilitation Psychology: A Guide for Graduate Students."

Slides from the webinar

Slides from the webinar

Key speakers:

  • Meredith Williamson, PhD
  • William Stiers, PhD, ABPP
  • Philip Uy, PhD

The focus of the presentation and discussion was how to plan and prepare for a career in Rehabilitation Psychology by providing information for each step in the journey from graduate school through landing your first job.