CRPPTP Leadership

Chair: Quinn Kellerman, PhD
Vice-Chair: Carey Pawlowski, PhD, ABPP
Secretary/Treasurer: Jan Tackett, PhD, ABPP
Member-at-Large: Suzette Chopin, PhD
Member-at-Large: Marlene Vega, PsyD
Student Member: Megan Miller, PhD

Current CRPPTP Member Programs

Please contact the listed representative for each institution for more information.

  1. Hurley Medical Center - Kirk Stucky, PsyD, ABPP (RP, CN)

  2. Jackson Health System/University of Miami - Mario Olavarria, PsyD (with ABPP (RP) consultant)

  3. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - William Stiers, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  4. Ohio State University - Wanda McEntyre, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  5. Southwest Louisiana Psychology Consortium (affiliate member) - Kim Hutchinson, PhD

  6. University of Texas Southwestern - Marlene Vega, PhD

  7. University of Utah (affiliate member) - Christina Derbidge, PhD

  8. University of Washington - Jeffrey Sherman, PhD (with ABPP (RP) faculty)

  9. VA Cleveland - Thomas Dixon, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  10. VA Long Beach - Elizabeth Horin, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  11. VA Minneapolis - Quinn Kellerman, PhD (with ABPP (RP) faculty)

  12. VA Palo Alto - Tiffanie Sim Wong, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  13. VA Puget Sound - Aaron Turner, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  14. VA Richmond - Thomas Campbell, PhD, ABPP (RP)

  15. VA Tampa - Jennifer Duchnick, PhD, ABPP (RP)

Connections with other councils

Rehabilitation Psychology Specialty Council

CRPPTP is part of the Rehabilitation Psychology Specialty Council (formerly called the Synarchy). The Specialty Council consists of the relevant professional groups and organizations that represent the major educational, training, and professional constituencies and stakeholders:

  • APA Division 22 - Rehabilitation Psychology

  • The American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology

  • The American Board of Professional Psychology Academy of Rehabilitation Psychology

  • The Council of Rehabilitation Psychology Postdoctoral Training Programs

The Specialty Council provides for the organized development of the specialty, and works to achieve coherence in education and practice guidelines and a uniform voice to professional psychology as a whole and to society at large.

Council of Chairs of Training Councils

CRPPTP is a member of the Council of Chairs of Training Councils (CCTC), the national body representing all psychology training councils.

Members of CCTC include:

  • Association of Psychology Training Clinics (APTC)

  • Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies (ACCTA)

  • Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs (CCPPP)

  • Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology (APPCN)

  • Consortium of Combined-Integrated (C-I) Doctoral Programs in Psychology (CCIDPIP)

  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC)

  • Council for Clinical Health Psychology Training Programs (CCHPTP)

  • Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP)

  • Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (CUDCP)

  • Council of Directors of School Psychology Programs (CDSPP)

  • National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP)

  • Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (CoPGTP)

  • VA Psychology Training Council (VAPTC)