Current CPPPTP Member Programs

Please contact the listed representative for each institution for more information.

  1. Consortium for Advanced Psychology Training - Kirk Stucky, PsyD, ABPP (RP, CN)
  2. The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) Memorial Hermann - Danielle Blinstrubas, PsyD, ABPP (RP)
  3. Jackson Health System/University of Miami - Mario Olavarria, PsyD (with ABPP (RP) consultant)
  4. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - William Stiers, PhD, ABPP (RP)
  5. Ohio State University - Wanda McEntyre, PhD, ABPP (RP)
  6. Southwest Louisiana Psychology Consortium (affiliate member) - Kim Hutchinson, PhD
  7. University of Washington - Jeffrey Sherman, PhD (with ABPP (RP) faculty)
  8. VA Cleveland - Thomas Dixon, PhD, ABPP (RP)
  9. VA Minneapolis - Quinn Kellerman, PhD (with ABPP (RP) faculty)
  10. VA Puget Sound - Aaron Turner, PhD, ABPP (RP)
  11. VA Richmond - Thomas Campbell, PhD, ABPP (RP)
  12. VA Tampa - Jennifer Duchnick, PhD, ABPP (RP)